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  • Ariel Spa Day
    Ariel Spa Day
    Ariel is feeling sad lately and her underwater friends have been trying everything to cheer her up..
    Exaggerated Jewelry Girl
    Exaggerated Jewelry Girl
    This game has great items, I'm especially loving the big statement jewelry, are you girls!?Dress.
    Patterns Runway Secrets
    Patterns Runway Secrets
    I don't know about you, ladies, but I simply adore patterns. For me they are the perfect way in.
    Neon ATV
    Neon ATV
    Enter the Matrix. His time you are TRON, leader of the new world. Your mission is to ride an ATV and.
    Peppermint Oreo Lollipops
    Peppermint Oreo Lollipops
    Hello ladies! If you like to cook as much as I do, I'm sure you will appreciate this new dessert.
    Raspberry Chocolate Cakes
    Raspberry Chocolate Cakes
    Hello ladies! Today we are going to have the unique opportunity to learn how to prepare a really.
    Fairy Barbie Cake
    Fairy Barbie Cake
    I don't know about you, ladies, but Barbie has always been my favorite doll in the whole world, and.
    Indian Mahjong
    Indian Mahjong
    Discover India Culture playing this mahjong game. The game includes large set of numbers and letters.
    Demolition Mission
    Demolition Mission
    You are on a mission to demolish all in sight. Tired of all the parking and driving games around?.
    Barbie Japanese Princess Dress Up
    Barbie Japanese Princess Dress Up
    Prepare Barbie for her amazing photo shoot session taking place in a fairy tale like location..
    New England Lobster Rolls
    New England Lobster Rolls
    Lobster is a real treat and something you should have for a special occasion! This is why the recipe.
    Accompany Barbie to a fabulous dress fitting session and help her find the perfect water princess.
    Cute Puppy Care
    Cute Puppy Care
    The puppy is in need of some special cute care. He is muddy and dirty from playing outside. Give him.
    Barbie Hipster Style Dress Up
    Barbie Hipster Style Dress Up
    Go hipster with Barbie and dress her up in modern street casual clothes, shoes and accessories on.
    New Year's Nails
    New Year's Nails
    Hello ladies! Are you ready for the New Year's Eve? The beautiful young lady that you are about to.
    Snowmobile Rush
    Snowmobile Rush
    Winter is a great time to have fun and enjoy some new activities that will fill you with excitement.
    Barbie And Ellie Movie Night Prep
    Barbie And Ellie Movie Night Prep
    Barbie and Ellie want to spend some time catching up, so Barbie came up with the idea of throwing a.
    Christmas Fun Spot The Difference
    Christmas Fun Spot The Difference
    This is a great festive game perfect for December! All you have to do is find the difference.
    Double Gingerbread Men
    Double Gingerbread Men
    Hello ladies! Are you ready for Christmas? I bet you are almost ready with the cooking except for.
    Golden Nails Secrets
    Golden Nails Secrets
    Hello ladies! Who doesn't simply adore having the most beautiful manicure in the whole world? I'm.
    Santa Claus Cookies Recipe
    Santa Claus Cookies Recipe
    Hello ladies! It's time for another one of our really delicious recipes! Since Christmas time is.
    Santa Blue
    Santa Blue
    Something absolutely terrible has happened! Santa has been attacked and turned into a weird little.
    Christmas Runway Secrets
    Christmas Runway Secrets
    If you wanted to become a really famous model then this is the best game that you have been waiting.
    Barbie Honeymoon Love
    Barbie Honeymoon Love
    We invite you to join Barbie for another important moment of her life: the perfect honeymoon. 3.
    Firefighters Rush
    Firefighters Rush
    Be one of the bravest people in the city and join the firefighters! You will have to drive very fast.
    Laser Racers
    Laser Racers
    Step into the future and accept the challenge of driving a gravity-defying laser car! The.
    Barbie Popstar Princess Dress Up
    Barbie Popstar Princess Dress Up
    Barbie wants to surprise her audience with a stunning popstar princess look. Whether fairy tale of.
    Chiffon Bridesmaid
    Chiffon Bridesmaid
    This bride is getting married today, but she still needs your help as a stylist to get the perfect.
    Barbie  Princess Story
    Barbie Princess Story
    Are you ready to untangle Rapunzel's long beautiful golden hair? Or find Ariel precious lost gems on.
    Cerises Wood Chocolate Pretzel Treats
    Cerises Wood Chocolate Pretzel Treats
    Cerise wants to make her all-time favorite recipe, called 'Wood chocolate pretzel treats' as she is.
    Car Carrier Trailer 2
    Car Carrier Trailer 2
    This very big truck needs to get three cars on its trailer in order to drive off to the car service..
    Barbie Pilates Dress Up
    Barbie Pilates Dress Up
    Join Barbie on a new pilates class and have a fabulous time toning your body with great fitness.
    Barbie Dress Up Party
    Barbie Dress Up Party
    It's party time, ladies! Today we are going to join Barbie and her best friends for the most amazing.
    Barbie Princess Charm School Dress Up
    Barbie Princess Charm School Dress Up
    Barbie has adapted quickly to her new student life at the Princess Charm School. Her fabulous.
    Barbies Halloween Costume Dress Up
    Barbies Halloween Costume Dress Up
    This year, at the fabulous Halloween party, there will be a competition and the best and fierce.
    Halloween Fashion Show Prep
    Halloween Fashion Show Prep
    Hello ladies! Halloween, one of the most fun holidays of the season is here and Mary is getting.
    Halloween Spooky Costumes
    Halloween Spooky Costumes
    Hello girls! We have an awesome new Halloween game for you in which you can create your spooky.
    Barbie Chili
    Barbie Chili
    Barbie is back and this time making a great fall food, Chili! Help her make a delicious chili con.
    3D Wheels Of Steel
    3D Wheels Of Steel
    Drive a big truck through the city and collect the indicated number of packages. In this new 3D.
    Happy Baby Day Care
    Happy Baby Day Care
    This is a new babysitting game for all girls who love to take care about little cute kids. you will.
    Lonely Vampire Lost
    Lonely Vampire Lost
    Our little Vampire friend is heartbroken and lost, her vamp boyfriend has left her all alone so far.
    Barbie Manicure Secrets
    Barbie Manicure Secrets
    HThe game begins with a hidden objects part in which the players will have to find all the objects.
    Baby Butterfly
    Baby Butterfly
    Start off as a helpless caterpillar trying to make a cocoon. Once you are safe and sound inside you.
    Game On
    Game On
    Level up with Emo Emily! She loves going to the arcade at the mall to show off her phenomenal.
    Blossoms Pink Mini Cheesecakes
    Blossoms Pink Mini Cheesecakes
    The sweet charming Blossom is ready to teach all the little girly gamers out there her yummylicious.
    Wedding Ring Shopping
    Wedding Ring Shopping
    One way to propose is to take your boyfriend to a jewelry store and start trying on diamond rings. .
    Pre-Civilization Stone Age
    Pre-Civilization Stone Age
    This is an original online game in which you will see the creation of mankind and the whole.
    Ever After High Madeline Hatter
    Ever After High Madeline Hatter
    Today you will get to know Madeline Hatter as she truly is: a very cute and sociable girl and of.
    Selena Gomez Spa
    Selena Gomez Spa
    Every girl loves a spa day! Getting a nice face, back, hand, and foot massage is time well spent..
    Water Lily Fairy Makeover
    Water Lily Fairy Makeover
    This water lily fairy is so adorable that you will really have an awesome time playing this.
    Gigi Grant Goes to School
    Gigi Grant Goes to School
    Gigi Grant is the daughter of a genie but she's not trying to pull any fashion tricks out of her.
    Barbie and Ellie Med School Prep
    Barbie and Ellie Med School Prep
    Hello, you ladies! Barbie and Ellie are waiting for school to start. They got in at Med School and.
    Put the pedal to the medal and floor it through the straights and drift around tough turns as you.
    Summer Before College
    Summer Before College
    Carolyn has just finished high school and she is very excited to start college this fall. But now is.
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